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Boarding & Grooming Kennel Indiana, Pa.  15701




*  Climate controlled, indoor heated and air-conditioned runs for your doggies

    comfort pleasures.

*  Indoor/Outdoor runs for your dogs daily enjoyment of the being outside at it's

    leisure, while still having the comfort of it's inside run for naptime and mealtime.

*  Outside runs are all under roof to keep your pets safe from inclement weather. 

    Outside runs are on concrete (don't want anyone digging their way out!)  Stockade

    fence surrounding the kennel for added security.   

*  Three levels of spacious runs to accommodate all sizes....from petites to X-large...or to

    house multiple dogs from the same household...(we wouldn't want to break up a family).

*  Seasonal walks can be arranged for an additional fee, weather permitting.  

*  Unfortunately, pets are only allowed to play with us....or a pet from the same household. 

   Accidents can happen and even the friendliest of pets can have a bad day.......  


*  Cats have their own spacious quarters away from their barking friends.   

*  Each cat has it's own apartment and given time to explore the cat room.  He may want to

    just lay on the windowsill watching the birds, play with the toys or climb the cat tree.



Our family home is right next to the kennel for added security and attentiveness for your pets.

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